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Next update December 2019

Previous Levels

Listening: 1.25
Speaking: 0.75
Pronunciation: 1.75
Writing: 0.75

New levels

Listening: 2.0
Speaking: 1.0
Pronunciation: 1.75
Writing: 1.25

Class Notes from today:


Write a diary like we spoke about today. Make longer sentences with at / on / in / for / to / by …. + and / but / so / because / when / if…


I come here to study English

Focus on the grammar used in the question to know how to answer it.

Are they foreigners or are they Chinese?
They are half foreigners, half Chinese.

What’s your favourite color?
My favourite color is black.

Where are your friend’s from?
My friends are from Shanghai

Who is your best friend?
My best friend is JiaJia

Can JiaJia speak English?
Yes she can speak English and her English is very good.

How did you meet JiaJia?
I met her in school

When did you meet her?
I met her 6 years ago

How often do you use English?
I use English twice a week when I come here

What can you use English for in the future?
I can use English for talking with my friends, traveling, making new friends.

How do you learn English?
How do you get to work?
How do you make coffee?

How long have you…
How long do you…

How are you?
How is your phone?
How is your English?


I wake up at 8 o’clock and I brushed my teeth and drink some water and make up and eat some breakfast and at 9 o’clock I go out and I take the taxi go to work.

I woke up at 8 o’clock in my room by myself and I brushed my teeth in the bathroom for 2 minutes because if I don’t brush my teeth I feel so uncomfortable. I drank some water in my room because drinking water is healthy and then I did my make up for 10 minutes because wearing make up makes me confident. Then, I ate some noodles for breakfast and at 9 o’clock I went out and I took the taxi to go to work.