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Next update November 2019

Previous Levels

Listening: 3
Speaking: 2.25
Pronunciation: 3.25
Writing: 2.75

New levels

Listening: 3.5
Speaking: 2.75
Pronunciation: 3.25
Writing: 3.25

Changes to profile:
Topics: Specific topic each class (travel, business, social situations etc)
Teaching method + (Focus): Topic Conversation (Vocabulary, Grammar)

Homework type + (Focus): Review Only HW

Class Notes from today:

look / seem
you look happy
you seem happy

How are you? / How’s it going? / How’ve you been? / How’re you doing?

5- Great / Very good
4 – Good / Pretty good
3 – Good / not bad 
2 – Fine / just OK / just so so
1 – Not great / not very good

Thanks / Thank you

And you? / You? / What about you? / How about you? 

can’t complain
same as always / same same / as usual / nothing special

i went there with my families

gold coast, great barrier reef, adelaide, sydney (the rocks, the sydney harbor bridge, the sydney opera house), melbourne, cairns, great ocean road, hunter valley.


I’ve been to Japan for twice in the last year. I’m planning to travel to Australia this year in the national day, it’s a long vacation for me, I will been there for 10 days. That will be my first time to australia. I’m preparing the trip. When I was off work I try to look up some materials about Australia’s famous traveling places. I’m looking up some know-how materials. I want to figure out some things, first is which places, which cities should we go and second I want to make sure some experience, how to take transportation, how to book a nice hotel, how to buy the tickets to some famous place of interest. There are a lot of details to prepare.