Profile Update Class (Jesse)

Your profile has been updated!

Next update August 2019

Previous Levels

Listening: 3.75
Speaking: 3.5
Reading: 3.25
Writing: 3

New levels

Listening: 4.5
Speaking: 3.5
Pronunciation: 4.5
Writing: 3.0

Class Notes from today:


hot – sexy / attractive
eg. that guy is so hot!


white manwesterner

cannot listen clearly couldn’t understand clearly 

I showed him up – to make myself seem better than him

I showed up in SH – I arrived

priority – the thing I think is the most important thing now

live each day like it’s your last


go to overseas go abroad / go overseas 

she is about 80sshe is in her 80s 

everyone has everyone’s unique storyeveryone has their own unique stories 

life is just oncewe have only 1 life 

I’m not doing it when I was young I will regret it if I don’t do it when I am young