Profile Update Class (Jesse)

Your profile has been updated!

Next update April 2020

Previous Levels

Listening: 1.5
Speaking: 1.25
Pronunciation: 2
Writing: 2

New levels

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 2.5
Pronunciation: 3.0
Writing: 2.75
14.0 – business level

Changes to profile:
Teaching method + (Focus)

Homework type + (Focus): Diary Writing (Vocabulary + Grammar – Sentences) 
Occupation: add (American company)

noun = coffee (it is coffee / coffee is good / I have coffee)
verbnoun = walking (it is walking / walking is fun / I like walking)
adjective = happy (eg. I am happy)
verb = walk (eg. I walk every day)
adverb = quickly (I walk quickly)

which – it (add details / add new information)
eg. I have a coffee. It is good. = I have a coffee which is good.

did – specific time in the past
have done – already done from now
had done – already done from past
eg. Today I have taught 2 students. At 6PM I had taught 1 student.

will have been doing 
Now I have been teaching you for 10 minutes, but at 7PM I will have been teaching you for 1 hour.

“were you just singing a duet with the refrigerator” – from Modern Family

ability to do 
eg. Jesse has the ability to teach grammar to most students


I hope I could spend some time learning / to learn English everyday to get some English improvement
I hope I could spend some time learning / to learn English everyday to improve my English level.

I think my work ability for my position is good / high. / I think I’m quite good at my job / I think my performance in this position is quite good
I really hope I have the ability to take beautiful pictures.

Disabled people need more care.

I need to improve my work efficiency.
Some excellent businessmen are very efficient at work.

Can you give me some recommendation about Shanghainese food.

Work went poorly which upset me