Instructions: Open a new “send notes” page, choose “**Student Profile**” from the Student names list. Enter the below title in the Post Title field. Copy the below formatting and enter the details based on your conversation with the student. Leave the “Recommended course” as it is for now – this will be completed following a 3 Month Review session. 

*Once you have completed the profile, please notify Jesse or Judy in person or via WeChat. 

Title: StudentName Profile (Consultants ONLY)

Student Name 

Level: Beginner / Upper Beginner / Lower Intermediate / Intermediate / Upper Intermediate / Advanced

Class focus: Correct at the time of mistakes, choose a topic before the class and focus on that, do lots of pronunciation and get her to make better sentences. Likes to discuss work and life but focusing on 1 topic for most of the class.

At SE since: Late 2015

Recommended course: Pending 3 month review.

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