Open F2F Class Notes 6th March (Raph)[W]


Layover (n): 1- a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else.
E.g.: We had a four-hour layover in Chicago.

Income (n): 1- money that is earned from doing work or received from investments:
E.g.: More help is needed for people on low incomes.

Declare (v): 1-to announce something clearly, firmly, publicly, or officially.
E.g.: They declared their support for the proposal.

Stable (adj): 1- firmly fixed or not likely to move or change:
E.g.: If the foundations of the house aren’t stable, collapse is possible.

Specialized (adj): 1- relating to one particular area or designed for a particular purpose:
E.g.: Her job is very specialized (= involves only one limited area).
E.g.: The hospital is unable to provide the highly specialized care needed by very sick babies.

Ethiopia (n): 1- 埃塞俄比亚

(Original – Ethiopia)

I want to have a travel. – I want to travel.

Someday I free and someday I busy. – Somedays I’m free and somedays I’m busy.

If I can’t read it again, maybe I will forgot. – If I can’t read it again, maybe I will forget.


Western: /ˈwes.tɚn/

Advantage: /ədˈvæn.t̬ɪdʒ/

Disadvantage: /ˌdɪs.ədˈvæn.t̬ɪdʒ/

Advertisement: /ˈæd.vɝː.taɪz.mənt/

Ad: /æd/

Utilized: /ˈjuː.t̬əl.aɪz.d/

Ancestor: /ˈæɚ/



PCHI is a professional exhibition in the cosmetic material industry. That is held in the Guangzhou and Shanghai, they take turns. Sponsor invited different companies to attend this exhibition; some companies, they have ability of research and development; they can manufactory the various ingredients of cosmetic; the other companies are agencies, they have some license that can be allow to sale some especial things from the brand material companies. Meanwhile, they also invite a lot of professor and researcher to explain some specialization knowledge and trend.
If you interest for that you should go there, maybe you can look for some good partner.


PCHI is a professional exhibition of raw materials for the cosmetic industry, which Guangzhou and Shanghai take turns hosting. Sponsors invite different companies to attend this exhibition: companies specialized in research and development, suppliers of raw materials used in the production of cosmetics, or agencies, that have a license that allows them to sell the products from raw material companies. They also invite a lot of professors and researchers to give lectures on specific  information and trends of the sector.
If you are interested in that area, you should go there and maybe you can find for some good partners.


a) Write five sentences using the present simple continuous tense
E.g.: I am writing a letter to my brother.

b) Write five sentences using the B: past continuous tense.
E.g.:  They were eating dinner when he called.

Study the prepositions examples to help make your sentences.