Open F2F Class Notes 5th December (Raph)[3]


Strategy (n): 1- a plan of action to achieve a goal.
E.g.: We need a new strategy to improve sales.

Strength (n): 1- a good quality or attribute of a person or thing. 2- the quality or state of being physically strong.
E.g.: Her good social skills are one of her strengths.

Weakness (n): 1- a disadvantage, problem or fault. 2- the state or condition of being weak.
E.g.: The incident exposed his weakness as a leader.

Statistics (n): 1- a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation numerical data. 2- 统计
E.g.: I’m currently taking a Statistics course at Fudan University.

Comparable (n): 1- able to be likened to another; similar. 2- capable of or suitable for comparison
E.g.: The situation in Holland is comparable to that in England.

Meticulous (adj): 1- showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.
E.g.: The pieces are handmade with meticulous care.


(Original – Edited)

More better quality – Better quality

To pay the cash – To make the payment

More cheap – cheaper


How many people have a big dream to realize when they were young. Finally, they can’t do anything at whole life.
The people miss that they also have ability, intelligence, even condition of family. But they never action,always wait time, marketing, everything is ready.
Some one always say: when you success,I will follow you. Actually they never think that if I have success, we have far distance between us.
When I need your help. You said I can’t
When we want to prevail difficult situation together. You were hide
When we have been improve to high level, we can choose the other partner,not only you.
The winner who have three steps ways: 1st think, 2nd do, 3rd have good performance. Just do it!
The loser who have three steps ways too:1st wait, 2nd look, 3rd miss the opportunities
Q: What kind of life is most sorrowful?
A: Use own time to be witness other people’s dreams
Q: What kind of life is most pitiful
A: Can’t to do anything by oneself ,but they jeer other people’s effort
One person live in the world, the biggest fail is not tumble, because they never try to run.


How many people had big dreams when they were young, but in the end can’t manage to do anything with their lives? Some people have the ability, intelligence and family support, but never take action, always waiting for the right time.
People always say: “When you succeed, I will follow you.” But they never realize that if I have success, we will have a larger distance between us. When I needed your help, you said you couldn’t help me. When we could have faced a difficult situation together, you hid from it.

If a person manages to improve and reaches higher level, he or she can then choose other partners. Winners need to take three steps: 1- think, 2- do, 3- have a good performance. Losers also take three steps: 1- wait, 2- look, 3- miss the opportunity

Q: What is the saddest thing in life?
A: Using your own time to be the witness in other people’s dreams.
Q: What kind of life is the most pitiful?
A: Not being able to do anything by yourself,having to, instead jeer at other people’s effort.

A person’s biggest fail  is not to tumble, but to never try to run.