Online VIP Class Notes (Li)


Start writing a creative story in your free time. Where does your story take place? What characters are there? What problems do they have that they need to solve?

We will continue writing the story next class.

Write about the last time you went outside. What did you do? How do you feel now?



eg. My father and I played card games at home.

eg. After dinner, Ted got out a pack of cards

update: 更新

eg. We’ll update you on this news story throughout the day.

eg. Do you have an updated version of the system?

trampoline: 蹦床

Korea – country

Korean – people

secretary: 秘书

disinfectant: 消毒水

swing by/pass by: 经过

eg. We can swing past the store on the way to the party.

eg. My mother and I passed by the park to get to the subway station.

hair dye: 染发剂

field: 田;地;牧场

eg. I went to my grandparent’s place to play in the fields.


my father back to work February 10th – my father will be going back to work on February 10th 

I went up at 11 o’clock – I woke up at 11 o’clock

I will ate lunch – I ate lunch


The TV show about the boss and secretary. In their childhood, they knew each other. When they grow up the boy remembers but the girl doesn’t remember.

Recently, I am so boring so I watched the TV show.


This TV show/drama/series is about a boss and a secretary. They have known each other since childhood/They have been childhood friends. When they grew up, the boy remembers her but the girl doesn’t remember him. 

Recently, I have been so bored so I watched the TV show.


trampoline – tram-poh-leen