Online Class Notes (Zachary)

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小学  – Primary School / Grade School / Elementary School

中学 – Middle school

attend (v) – 出席 / 上

loan word (n) – 外来词

ketchup / catsup (n) – 蕃茄酱

bacon (n) – 培根

leafy (adj) – 有叶子

(green leafy vegetables = 油麦菜,菠菜,这样)

Slang (n) – 俚语


Beijing is near to my hometown

Beijing is nearby my hometown

I left my hometown when I was a middle school student

eg. I will be preparing for my exams next year.

I will be running a race next month

I will run a race next month

I will not be having her over for dinner

I will not have her over for dinner

After primary school, I left my hometown to attend middle school