Online Class Notes (Zachary)

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“Shanghai has become an international metropolis in recent years”

“Los Angeles is America’s biggest metropolis”


“I went to the bank to deposit some money”

“Buying this house will require a big deposit”


“This dress has a very oriental style”


“The party was bustling with activity”


“The Great Wall of China is a very famous landmark”


“Chicago has a very famous aquarium with many types of fish”



Miscreant (n) 恶棍 / 坏人 – A bad person or troublemaker (usually used for less serious trouble, or younger people)

Bureau (n) 局 – A governing body

Blacklist (n) 黑名单 – a list of disapproved people

Uncivilized (adj) 不文明的 – not socially or culturally advanced

Breach (v) – Break into (or break a contract)

“They breached into the bank to steal money”

“They were kicked out of their apartment for breaching their contract”

Registration (n) 注册 – the act of registering for something

Deputy (n) 副 – Number 2 person, second-in-command

conscious (adj) – Awake, with deliberate effort

Rigorous (adj) 严格 – strict or strong


She suggested that communities and social organizations arrange regular activities in which dog owners can take part, as these could play an important role in regulating behavior.

A degree of intervention by officials is needed, but a joint body is also required to act as a coordinator between different groups, Wang added.