Online Class Notes (Zach)

Today we focused on:

Conversation practice, vocab review and some grammar point introduction


Flesh 肉 – used mostly for fruit

Meat 肉 – more commonly used, meat that comes from animals

Beef – 牛肉

Steak – 牛排

Pork – 猪肉

Mutton / Lamb – 羊肉

Lamb steak / Lamb chop – 羊排

Drumstick – 鸡腿

chicken wings / wings – 鸡翅

sets / meals – 套餐

Chicken breast – 鸡胸

Light meat / dark meat – 白肉/黑肉

gravy – 肉汁 / 肉酱

eggnog –

cider – 苹果酒


worked at / worked in


She is sad

She has sadness

This soup is spicy

this soup is very spicy

The spiciness of the soup is strong