Online Class Notes (Zach)

Today we focused on:

Listening practice ^)^


Learn on the street (v) – learn my talking to locals, doing daily activities, not in a classroom

Omnivore (n) – An animal that eats meat and plants (humans are omnivores, so are dogs. But cats are carnivores, because they won’t generally eat plants. You can tell this, because they dont have any molars (the flat teeth in the back of your mouth, used for grinding tough plant-based food)

忌口 – to abstain, to avoid, or to be on a diet


I am on a diet now, I cannot eat spicy food

Right now, I avoid spicy food because I cannot eat it

I abstain from eating spicy food now.

Staycation ^_^ – when you have some time off, but don’t go anywhere. You have a vacation, but you stay where you are