Online Class Notes (Zach)

Today we focused on:

The usual break I always to work with my hand. When I go to my home, I like make food to my parents.

Why I like to make food at first time? Because I love eat! And I love look others eat my food and think it delicious. Unfortunately, I need live in college long time so can’t to cook. So I choice to work with my hand when I want to rest.

That is me! Thanks for watching~

During my break, I always work with my hands

When I go home, I like to make food for my parent


Acoustics (n) – sounds and their waves

Astonish (v) – the verb form of astonishment

Cicada (n) – 蝉蛹

Sesame (n) – 芝麻


Using infinitives (to make, to talk, etc…)

You use infinitives when two verbs are used together in one clause

ex: I like to run


New paragraph: What you’re doing in school, and how you like it