Online Class Notes (Vicki)


lactose – the kind of sugar in milk
i.e. I am lactose intolerant so I can’t drink milk.

empathy – to feel the way other people are feeling
i.e. It is hard for older people to have empathy for us.

scenario – scene or a setup for something
i.e. I can give you a scenario so you can better understand the concept.

appreciated – be agreed by others
i.e. They want to feel more appreciated.


The baby can feedback a very pure and satisfying view. -> They baby can give a very pure and satisfying feedback.

They are much busy than before. -> They are much busier than before.

You will have more strong willing to provide a better life for him. -> You will have a stronger will to provide a better life for him.

much + degree of adj.
i.e. much prettier – prettier by a lot 

more + base form of adj.
i.e. more pretty – prettier