Online Class Notes (Tibo) [S+W]

Today we focused on:

English company introduction


shanghai link metal product factory was found in 1978

it’s a entertaiment of town in Shanghai baoshan district

As one of the supplier for Japanese electric companies

we have a long time to develop for now the producing ability including all kinds of metal parts in the home appliances industry
We design and produce models, stamping , metal plates and fasteners  and automatic spaying lines

Shanghai link metal product factory was founded/established in 1978

It used to be a stated owned company in Baoshan district and was privatized 20 years ago.  / it started as a state owned company in Baoshan district and became private 20 years ago.

We have developed a strong production capacity which includes mold design, stamping, metal plates,  fasteners and spaying lines for home appliances


esteem (n) respect
I have a lot of esteem for my father / I hold my father in high esteem
The CEO is our esteemed guest tonight

self-actualization: fulfill one’s potential
self-actualization is the highest level in Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

spontaneous (adj) :someone doing something without thinking about it
Tom is very spontaneous, he spontaneously asked me to travel to Japan with him.

mold (n): cast / something giving shape
she used a cooking mold to make a heart shaped cake

to mold : give a shape / influence
He molded his son to become a great CEO

representative (n) : person representing someone
I am a sales representative for ABC company

model: a representation / a system
Maslow’s pyramid of needs is a model representing the various levels of

human needs

home appliances / household appliances (n)

capacity (n) : ability / maximum amount something can contain
Our factory’s production capacity is very wide
the meeting room capacity is 2o participants
I bought a 32Gb iPhone but the capacity was to low so I changed it for a 128Gb iPhone

production capacity : products and amount you can make
Our production capacity is 1,000 metal parts per hour

to participate (n):  take part / join
I participated in the project

to privatize (v) : make a company private
The oil company was privatized 10 years ago

enterprise (n): business
This enterprise is full of potential

entertainment (n) : amusement
We produce tv shows, we are an entertainment company.

state owned company : company owned by the state

to found: establish an organization
The company was founded 10 years ago

to establish : set up
The company was established 10 years ago

to export : sell to other countries
We export metal internationally

Today we focused on: