Online Class Notes (Tibo) (S + R)

Speaking exercise

everything is back on track / both shops are opened and the daily routine is back to normal/ The epidemic still gives bad influence to other restaurants and the catering industry but for our beverages the influence is not that big. Compared to restaurants I am lucky.
And the people are more careful when they go out to eat. For beverages they buy them and they take them home.

if she really cares about the virus she would need to wear a mask. -> if she really cared about the virus she would wear a mask

in the before -> in the past
They couldn’t prevent women from having abortions so they made doctors vanish / made it hard to do in practice



investiture : inauguration
Many people attended the investiture

spark (n) : small fire particle
He made sparks to start a fire

to spark : start / lead to
The virus sparked an increase in the price of masks

tigger (n) : part of the gun you press on to fire
He pressed the trigger and fired the gun

to trigger:   set off
the virus triggered global panic

to play down: minimize on purpose / make people feel it is of little importance
Many countries played down the danger of the virus

task force (n): group of people working on a task / work group
The coronavirus task force is directly led by XJP

to detain : hold someone for a short time (police)
He was detained for a few hours at the police station

 (n/adj) : reckless / fearless person
Tom is a daredevil he likes to climb high buildings without protections.

disturbance (n):  interruption
the virus caused disturbances in the supply chain

one child policy: when the government only allowed one child per family.
the one child policy common in China.

to prevent : stop from happening
They try to prevent the virus from spreading

immature : not mature
He acts like an immature kid

caricature : a drawing with exaggeration
he drew of caricature of the president

to sanitize (v) : to make clean
Public transports are sanitized everyday

sanitary (adj)
Sanitary products are stored in this place.

strain (n) : breed / type
Some people think that there is a new strain of the virus in Italy.

to rally : come together
They rallied at the entrance of the station



surfing (water sport)

suffering (pain)