Online Class Notes (Tibo) [S]

Next Class Focus

try to be more precise, do not use do that so much

difference we/our/us
We do something
Something is done to us
computers are in the room

Today we focused on:


Maybe I will have many tests recently

My teacher told me I needn’t go back my university so I need prepare the test online

actually I think online not too good because I can’t have talk with my classmates, sometimes some difficult for get up.
It is harder because my teacher think if we have class online we can chat something he don’t know so he will to harder the exam.
My professor told we he will harder to the exam, try we don’t want that in the internet.

but if it is harder maybe we don’t cant do that.

my classmates try to do that but my professor find many students do that so they check.

Now schools can do exams you

they have something to close that

In the university I do that in the paper but a little class if you need to use the computer

in high school we teacher prevent we playing mobile phone

they stop students from using mobile phones

Maybe I will have many tests in the coming days/weeks

My teacher told me I can’t/we are not allowed to go back to my university so I need prepare the test online.

Actually I think doing that online is not too good because I can’t talk with my classmates and sometimes it is difficult to get up./ I find it hard to wake up in the morning.

It is harder because my teacher thinks if we have the test online we can cheat easily so he will make the exam more difficult

but if it is harder maybe we can’t/won’t be able to do that.

my classmates tried to cheat but my professor realized it so they check carefully now.

they have a device to stop you from using your phone /they use a jammer to prevent you from checking the answers on your phone

In the university I take the test on paper / when we are in university we have paper tests.
but in a few classes we need to use the computer, we use it in the coding class.

In high school our teacher prevents us from playing with our mobile phones


to cheat : do something dishonest
He tried to cheat during the exam

Jammer (n) : device to disturb communications
They use jammers during the tests so that we can’t use our phones

to code: write computer language
I learned to code with C++

code (n) : computer language  / secret signal
He wrote some code for the app.
I wanted to see what he had on his phone but I didn’t know the code

to forbid  : make something not allowed
The teacher forbids mobile phones during the exam

to harden (v) : make something harder ( for physical objects) / toughen/solidify
We need to harden the walls because the enemy is coming


stop someone from doing something
The teacher stopped us from cheating

prevent someone from doing something
The teacher prevented us from cheating

make something more difficult
he made it more difficult because we had more time to prepare.


the hardest : there is nothing harder than that
Diamond is the hardest stone