Online Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


I need to put the cellphone on the table something I can lay the cellphone and charge -> I need to put the cellphone on the wireless charging pad (to charge it)

is that really useful or a gimmick?

the speed is very fast so the battery will be damaged with it? -> I’m worried it may damage the battery if it charges too fast. / I wonder what’s the effect on the battery will be? Will it shorten the battery life?

I wanna buy a wireless charger to experience it -> to experience a life without cable / to give it a try / to see what it’s like

I think it is convenient for me, without cables  I just need to put the cellphone on it so if they can give me a degree such as that I show you the picture -> If I can hold the phone in a way so that is it not flat / If I can hold the phone close to 90 degree then it is convenient because I can use it at the same time

I have a confusing in this problem, how does it damage in the battery in your cellphone? ->  I have confusion about this / I am confused

can the battery be used in a normally way more than 3 years. -> Can the battery last more than 3 years? Will it shorten the battery life?

will the battery life lose into 2 years? -> will it shorten the battery life to 2 years?

The wireless charging pads which don’t chose the brand of cellphones. -> are there charging pads which work with different cellphones? / are there pads compatible with different phone models


inclination (n): angle of a line
the charging pad has a 90 degree inclination

capacity (n) : volume / size
This battery’s capacity will decrease as it gets older

to experience : undergo an event / feel an emotion
I experienced big challenges in my job.

wireless charging: charging the phone without a cable
I use wireless charging because it is convenient

wireless charging pad: place where you put the phone to charge
I put the phone on the wireless charging pad

gimmick (n) : a trick to sell more
The company makes a phone with 10 cameras, I think it is a gimmick no one needs 10 cameras.

third party/ 3rd party (n): another brand/ another entity apart from you or the brand
I use an apple phone (iPhone) is it ok if I use a third party brand for the charger? (a charger which is not from Apple)