Online Class Notes (Tibo)


What is different because of the virus?


Because now is very boring. -> Because it is very boring now / It is very boring because of the virus
I am not so good because it is so boring. Maybe 10 days -> maybe in 10 days / maybe 10 days later.
I watch movies/ TV series. Have you heard about Orange is the new black? It is very old. I like it, it is funny and maybe I am very bored at home so I want to see interesting stories / I want to do something interesting.

Many hot pot restaurants are closed because of the virus.
I don’t care about that because I stay home.
玩自己的 -> We do our own thing / we all have our own hobbies
I have one sister , my family is 4 people. -> there are 4 people in my family / we are a family of 4.
She is younger than me, I am 4 years older.
I am thinking about a question. Now I am stay in my bed but you teach me English and you not watch me because I am not make up so I am not sure  -> Now I am staying in bed / now I am in my bed but you teach me English and you don’t  see me because I did not make up.


art student (n)美术生
My sister studies art she is an art student

hot pot (n) 火锅
Chongqing is famous for hot pot.

oppressing  (adj) 压抑的
The movie is oppressing, I don’t like it.

safe (adj)安全
We are at home so we are safe.

mask (n) 口罩😷
We wear a mask when we go out.

tv series  (n) 电视剧
I watch tv series.

hear about something/someone 听过。。。。
I heard about a new virus in Wuhan, it is very scary.

bat (n)蝙蝠
The virus comes from bats.
I don’t like batman I like joker.

virus (n) 病毒
There is a new dangerous virus.

vacuum cleaner
Cats are scared of the vacuum cleaner.


something is boring
I am bored

talking about age:
My sister is 4 years younger than me
I am 4 years older.
My mother is 20 years older than me

Iphone (CH) 10,ooo
Iphone (JP) 9,000
In Japan iphones are 1000 cheaper than in China.
the iPhone max is 2cm bigger than the iPhone