Online Class Notes (Tibo)

Next Class Focus

try to be more precise, do not use do that so much

difference we/our/us
We do something
Something is done to us
computers are in the room


Write about your 18th birthday


Some my major class to check something, like check the airplanes and boats.
Check some problems and to fix that
it was my birthday 3 days ago.
Because now is not good to have a birthday party so my family to have the lunch to celebrate and I make a cake.. It is have a special thing for the birthday.
my sister prepares something about music and money and prepare that and let baby to touch that.

because old people think baby first touch that it is about their future work.

it is some traditional thing in China

different parents have different choice like my mom let me study write, draw and dance. but it is not for long time to study if I have interest I will but if not they will stop that. So both I can do that a little but not very good.

in high school if you study piano or anything instrument you can easer to chose the school. some schools will choose some students if they are good at running, dancing or playing an instrument.

I had a class related to my major and we learned how to maintain airplanes and boats  / I learned about non destructive testing
we check for problems and then we fix them.

it was my Nephew’s birthday 3 days ago.
It is not safe to have a birthday party so my family decided to have lunch together to celebrate and I made a cake.
my sister prepared something about music/ a musical instrument and some money and let the baby touch that.

Old people think that the first thing babies touch will be important for their future.
it is a tradition in China

different parents make different choices, my mom let me study writing, drawing and dancing.
But I didn’t study that very long . If I had had an interest they would have let me continue. / their idea was to help me find my interests.

in high school if you study piano or an instrument you can enter a school more easily.
some schools will choose students if they are good at running, dancing or playing an instrument.


calligraphy  : beautiful handwriting
I studied Chinese calligraphy.

instrument (n) : a tool
this is a traditional Chinese musical instrument
The scientists uses his instruments to measure the danger

flute (n) 长笛
I learned to play the flute in middle school

major (adj) : very important
There was a major Covid 19 outbreak in wuhan


As my first cake, it’s birth cake for my nephew one year old age. One-year-old child can’t eat sugar and cream but I guess if birthday can’t ate birthday cake it was the worst thing. So I use poi instate cream and use orange instate sugar and used many fruit to decorate cake. Although it not very delicious but my nephew can eat is important thing. I was satisfy that delicious and beautiful has one symbol.

As my first cake, it’s a birthday cake for my nephew’s first birthday / as my first cake I made a birthday cake for my nephew’s first birthday. / to celebrate his first birthday
One-year-old children can’t eat sugar and cream but I guess if he can’t eat the birthday cake it is the worst thing /it would be terrible if he wasn’t able to eat the cake.
So I used poi instead of cream and used orange instead of sugar  / I replaced sugar with oranges and used many fruit to decorate the cake. Although it was not very delicious, my nephew could eat it . this was the important thing / this was the whole point.

Although the taste wasn’t perfect it was beautiful. That is already enough for me / I was happy with that. / It wasn’t perfect but at least it was beautiful. I am satisfied with that


to replace: change something for something else
I replaced the milk with soy milk

soy milk (n) 豆奶
he drinks soy milk

allergic (adj) 过敏
He is allergic to milk

to instate (v) : to set up / establish
He was instated as the leader

instead (adv) : as an alternative
I used soda water instead of still water


to + past is impossible 

to + infinitive
I am happy to help  you