Online Class Notes (Raph)

Today we focused on:

we discussed differences between China and the West, including work culture and religion.


Overtime (n): 1- (time spent working) after the usual time needed or expected in a job.
E.g.: They’re doing/working overtime to get the job done on time.
E.g.: Everyone is on overtime this weekend.

Overwork (v/n): 1- to work too much or cause someone to work too much.
E.g.:She had been overworking and needed a vacation.
E.g.: You look exhausted – I hope they’re not overworking you.
E.g.:He got sick through overwork.
E.g.:Her headaches are likely caused by overwork.

Overworked (adj): 1- having to work too much.
E.g.:They are overworked government workers.
E.g.:I’m overworked and underpaid.

Restless (adj): 1-  unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored:
E.g.: He’s a restless type – he never stays in one country for long.
E.g.: She spent a restless night (= she did not sleep well).

Taoism / Daoism (n): 1- 道教

Hinduism (n): 1- 印度教

Buddhism (n): 1– 佛教

Linguistics (n): 1- 语言学


In Sunday I have to work. – On Sunday I have to work.

When I bought Bitcoins the price has down by nearly 40%. – When I bought Bitcoins the price had gone down / had decrease by nearly 40%.


Restless: /ˈrest.ləs/

Confucianism: /kənˈfjuː.ʃən.ɪzm/

Confucius: /kənˈfjuː.ʃəs/

Buddhism: /ˈbʊd.ɪ.zəm/