Online Class Notes (Pamela)

Today we focused on:

Today we talked about health and the body, also how to give advice. Great job with the pronunciation. You also gave me lots of good advice. Please practice the new vocabulary. I will add a picture of the body so you can review.


Homework: make a conversation about someone who is sick and give advice.


Bandaid – e.g. I need a bandaid to stop the bleeding.

hurt – to be hurt

broken- e.g. I have a broken leg./ I have broken my wrist.

treadmill – e.g. I love using the treadmill at the gym for running.

weights- e.g. I use weights to gain more muscle

stressed out- I feel so stressed out, I have to finish a lot of homework.

headache (n) my head hurts

Stomach pain-  my stomach hurts

get a cold- e.g. I got a cold last night because I didn’t wear my sweater.

fever (n) when your forehead feels hot

faint (v)

blood/ bleeding – to be bleeding

ambulance- e.g. 911 / 120

take some medicine e.g. I need to take some medicine for my stomach pain.

sore throat – throat hurts

broken leg. e.g. I have a broken leg so I need to go to the hospital.

cancer- terminal illness

diabetes- illness

stroke- heart pain

heart attack- heart stops beating

I feel dizzy

I feel stressed out

I feel sick

I have the flu

I have a broken leg

I have a cold

To give advice:

We used the modal verbs

You should/ you need to/ you must/ you have to

If I _____ I will

If I have a headache I will take some medicine

If I feel stressed out I will talk to friends

If I get a cold I will stay home.

If I have a broken heart I will….

I want to book some food.I want to order some food.


It do not let you move. It won’t let you move.