Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


hold on a second/wait a moment


I live my home now – I live at home now

present perfect continuous – started in the past and continues in the present

has/have been + Ving

What have you been doing? – present perfect continuous

I have been studying at the library.

present continuous – happening now/temporary events

What are you doing?/What are you doing now?

to be + Ving

I am studying at home.

I am having class.


Recently I prepare test about Chinese Graduate Record Examination, this test seem College Entrance Examination. Recall when I prepared this test my College Entrance Examination,the members of family all of attached importance to this exam, and they always be cared for to keep mine emotion, and had many classmates work hard together. But in Chinese Graduate Record Examination I prepare it alone, and the members of family think if you don’t succeed finish it you come back and go to find a work. So I think Chinese Graduate Record Examination is harder than college entrance examination.


Recently, I have been preparing for the Chinese Graduate Record Examination. The test is similar to the College Entrance Examination. I remembered that when I was preparing for my College Entrance Examination, my family members cared about my emotions/were careful of my feelings and they were thoughtful by telling me what to be careful about when preparing. Many of my classmates work hard together with me/studied together with me to prepare for this examination. But for the Chinese Graduate Record Examination, I prepare for it alone, and my family members think if you don’t pass the exam you should come back and find a job. So I think Chinese Graduate Record Examination is harder than the college entrance examination.