Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


retaliate 反击,报复

eg. He retaliated by making sure that they got in trouble with the police.

eg. The boy was taught to not retaliate if he was bullied in school.

referring to time period in the 20th century – 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s

get away with it: not get caught for doing something

eg. She got away with not doing her homework.

bully (n): person who bullies

eg. Jack is a big bully.

eg. You’re a bully!

bully (v): 欺负,欺凌

eg. His cousins bullied him every time they saw him.

eg. The teacher stopped the mean girl from bullying the other girls.

mean: unkind or unpleasant 卑鄙的;刻薄的

eg. You are so mean to me!

blind date: 相亲

eg. My friends have set me up to go on a blind date.

eg. My parents actively arrange blind dates for you.

pressure: to try to make someone do something by arguing, persuading etc. 压力,紧迫;催促

eg. She’s putting pressure on him to get married.

eg. Teachers are under increasing pressure to work longer hours.

virus: 病毒

eg. The current virus is spreading very quickly.

disease: 疾病

eg. This disease has killed a lot of people.

eg. There is no known cure for this disease.

self-quarantine: 自我隔离

eg. I have been told to self-quarantine at home.

restrict: to limit the movements or actions of someone or something

eg. The traffic has been restricted.


Why women kill? The first season just came out last year,and i have watched all of ten episodes.The genre is about marriage life.There are 3 stories happened in different times and sat in the same house in thisTV show.for the first family, It was setting in 20世纪60年代.the female character was very cute and kindness.her husband was a successful man in his career and had lots of money.he didn’t like his wife work and the whole life of his wife was to take care of him.At the same time,he had different women outside and hide for his wife until their neighbors found them.Then the wife began to反击,在这个过程中,she accidentally found that their girl’s dead had connection with his husband’s 出轨.and her husband cheat her.then she planed a murder seriously about her husband,and her got it in the end.


Why women kill? The first season just came out last year, and I have watched all of it/all ten episodes. The story is about married life. There are 3 stories that take place/are set in different time periods, but they are all set in the same house. For the first family, It was set in the 60s. The female character is very cute and kind. Her husband was a successful man in his career and had/earned lots of money. He didn’t want his wife to work and his wife’s role/job/purpose was to take care of him. At the same time, he was seeing/had affairs with different women outside and hid from his wife until their neighbors found out about him. Then his wife began to retaliate. During this time, she accidentally found that her daughter’s death is connected to her husband’s affair. Then she planned to murder seriously about her husband, and she got away with it in the end.