Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


such as = for example


I already take that once – I already took that once 

six months ago – six months later 

in next year this month – this month next year


In university we have a lot of class and abundant extracurricular activities however how to balance these tow things make many student annoyances.

For me, my first year in college I have 3 kinds of work meanwhile my major is physics so I have a lot of classes. My work not a part-time job that is the Youth League committee、monitor and teacher assistant. During first semester I can’t to adapt this life, that was very busy and no time to eat food at normal time. But pass one semester I can balance my life and word and study. Then I have a enrich college life.

How can I balance that? Not use time for anything useless things. Like I always not come bake my dorm at noon. And I always eat food late a half hour when we finish class that can less time line up. Now I almost live in 3 years in college, I no more a lot of works but I have long time to do my extracurricular activities. Do work or make interesting things both need less some time to do useless thing save more time for love things. That you can do more and more things which you love.


At university, we have a lot of classes and abundant extracurricular activities however, students struggle/find it difficult to balance these two things. 

In my first year of college, I have 3 kinds of work. Meanwhile, my major is physics so I have a lot of classes. My job includes being a part of the Youth League committee, being a class president and a teacher’s assistant. During the first semester, I couldn’t adapt to this lifestyle, because I was very busy and had no time to eat food at regular hours. But, after one semester, I can balance my life, work, and studies. I have a rich/fulfilling college life.

How can I balance that, such as not use the time for anything useless, and I don’t always come back to my dorm after lunch? I always eat food half an hour late after finishing class because it takes less time to line up. Now I have spent almost 3 years in college, I don’t have a lot of work anymore but I have more time to do my extracurricular activities. Spend less time to finish doing work and you have more time to do what you love.