Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


at – specific locations/time

eg. at the station/bus stop/

eg. at 7 AM/6:30 PM/5 o’clock

once or one time 

not once time 

eg. I had a dream once.

eg. One time I went to the forest with my cousin.

cemetry – cemetery


on work day i always have class in 12 o’clock – on workdays I always have class at 12 o’clock

when i sleep in the evening have dream – when I sleep in the evening and I have a dream

i had a dream once time. that was really comfotble dream. i stay in a house which was the faourite decoration style i wanted. – I had a dream once. It was a really comfortable dream. I stayed in a house which had my  favourite decorations

i saw big windows and outside fullof the green trees with the wind – I saw big windows and it was windy and full of green trees outside 

that was a study room showed me quiet and peace – the study room gave me some peace and quiet