Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


Write about a movie of your choice.


get off work/finish work/leave work

sustain: to cause or allow something to continue for a period of time 保持,维持,使持续,使继续

eg. There is not enough oxygen to sustain life at very high altitudes.

eg. This planet is unable to sustain human or plant life.


fast speed – fast-paced 

a vs an 

a – for consonants no “aeiou”

eg. a book/a school/a car

an – for vowels “aeiou”

eg. an American girl/an old house/an aunt


yes.a new i have a liitle bit busy – yes, it’s a new beginning so I am a little busy

but my new job is a internet company .it is really fast speed – but my new job is at an internet company, it is really fast-paced

yes. a new industry but still a construction company – It’s a new industry but it still specialises in construction

the earth can not afford the rubbish from the human beongs – Earth cannot afford to support/sustain the amount of rubbish from humans