Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


depressed:¬†unhappy and without hope śäĎťÉĀÁöĄÔľĆś≤ģšłßÁöĄ

eg. She seemed a bit depressed about her work situation.

eg. He sounded very depressed on the phone.

they can’t get used to it/they can’t adapt to it

culture shock: feeling sad and worried when you travel or live in another foreign country

eg. She immediately experienced culture shock when she arrived at the university accommodation.


balance diet Рa balanced diet

a Рsingular (general) 

eg. a pen/car/toy/a balanced diet

eg. Can you pass me a pen? (any pen)

no “a” or “the”plural (general)¬†

eg. pens/cars/toys….

eg. Humans are omnivores.

the singular (specific) 

eg. the pen/car/toy/the balanced diet

eg. Can you pass me the pen? (that pen)

theplural (specific) 

eg. the pens/cars/toys/the balanced diet

eg. The swimming pools have not been cleaned.


1.Fame‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒGood or Evil?
The advantages of being famous
My attitude towards fame

Fame can allow individuals to¬†gain the admiration¬†and¬†more respect from society. It also provides the¬†person with¬†spiritual satisfaction and pleasure.¬†Nevertheless, when you chase after fame, you can’t escape the¬†lure¬†of¬†fame¬†and¬†its¬†promise¬†of¬†endless¬†admiration, there¬†is¬†a¬†heavy¬†price¬†one¬†must¬†pay¬†for¬†it. You must establish a good reputation and maintain positive relationships with¬†others. In my view/opinion, fame can be a double-edged sword.

2. My Career Choice
The kind of job I prefer 
Factors you consider when choosing a job


I want to be a freelancer in the future. To be honest, it‚Äôs difficult for people to choose a career. The salary and my¬†interests are all my important¬†factors when choosing¬†my career.¬†I believe that ideally, it’s best for us to get¬†a job that¬†provides us with a good salary and also¬†fulfills my passion/interests. However, being¬†interested¬†in the job is more important. If I choose a¬†job with¬†a¬†good salary and I am not¬†fond of it, I will upset/depressed¬†and I don‚Äôt have¬†the¬†faith to¬†perform well. On the other hand, if we get¬†a¬†job that¬†pays well, maybe we¬†will feel¬†motivated to do the job because we¬†are satisfied with the pay.¬†We would¬†become more¬†self-confident and have more¬†self-worth.¬†In my point-of-view,¬†being interested is¬†more important. But, whether we like¬†our future¬†job or not, we should¬†first,¬†cultivate¬†the passion¬†we have¬†for¬†our career-choice when we are certain with what¬†we will do in the¬†future.

3.Healthy Lifestyles
(Your understanding of a healthy lifestyle„ÄĀThe advantages of living a healthy lifestyle
And Ways to develop a healthy lifestyle)

From my perspective, a healthy lifestyle not only refers to a balanced diet and regular timetable in daily life, but also having a simple and positive mind on a spiritual level. To some extent, the latter is more important even though the two are complementary. Because humans are always worried about the impact of everything in the world so it affects their mood and regular lives.
So how do we develop a healthy lifestyle? Firstly, we should eliminate ideas that are not important. We’re left with the essentials. Next, focus on your main purpose and re-use what you already own. These two ways aim to simplify your life and concentrate on what you really need, I think the next step such as getting sufficient rest and having a balanced diet take place successfully when you acquire a healthy mind.