Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


WeChat moments: 朋友圈


vocation – vacation 

‘m looking forward it – I’m looking forward to it

my dad bought at least 10kg rice at home – my dad bought at least 10kg of rice


1. To solve the virus situation. the world needs a little more time.
2. Travellers travel all around the world only using little money.
3. There is little water in the cup.

1. Today I got up late so I will be late for school.
2. The math final-exam is difficult so I give up.
3. It’s a rainy day today so I decided to stay at home.

I will write down again in tommorw class – I will write it again for tomorrow’s class

so i consider that before the virus.we spent a lot of time in the shopping mall – so I considered that since we spent a lot of time before the virus at the shopping malls. we ….