Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


Do you own any pets? Introduce your pet to me. If not, what kind of animal would you like to have as a pet?


respectively: in a way that relates or belongs to each person or groups you just mentioned

eg. James and Bob are 10 and 13 respectively.

eg. The two meals cost 50 and 80RMB respectively.

everyone – singular

people – plural

disappear: cannot be seen anymore

eg. Billy’s book disppeared from the bookshelf.

eg. Everyone panicked when they heard that the young girl disappeared on the way home.

walk sb to: to go with someone to a place by walking

eg. It’s getting late, I’ll walk you to your house.


Olga: Olga had two weddings, the first wedding is the civil ceremony which everyone has, and the second wedding is a church wedding. And People also hold/host a special evening called Polterabend in Germany where they can bring old cups and plates and throw these on the floor.

Manuela: In Colombia, people have a candle ceremony with three candles. First, the bride and groom light the candle on their side, then they light the middle candle together. After that, they blow out the candles except for the middle one, and that makes the bride and groom happy.

There are many kinds of wedding ceremonies in Turkey. Some brides must stay with their own family and should wait for the day of the wedding to see their future husbands. At Meryem’s wedding, her friends write their names in her shoes. At the end of the day, she would look into her shoes and if someone’s name disappears, that means they will get married next. 

The Maasia tribe have a simple wedding where the bride wears all her jewellery. The most important jewellery is the necklace which is made by the bride’s mother. It can be very long down to Noshilu’s knees. After her new husband walked her to his family’s home, her husband gave her some cows – that means they became a couple.

Lin: Lin’s wedding gown was the traditional red with red invitations and wedding gifts in red baskets because red symbolises love, wealth and happiness in China. In addition, it’s usual to have a video made in a park.

Barbara: In the US, there are many different kinds of weddings like in a hall, on the beach and so on depending on where people’s family come from. It’s also possible to get married just a few hours after the proposal.