Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


deliver – delivered (past tense)

delivery – noun

change for the better: when things improve in a positive direction

eg. Ever since her divorce, Mary has really changed for the better.

eg. Moving overseas to start a new life felt stressful at first, but it is definitely a change for the better.

settle down: become familiar with something and feel happy and confident in it 安顿下来,习惯于新环境

eg. She quickly settled down in her new job/house/school.


delieveryed – delivered (past tense)


I have an interview few minutes ago – I had an interview a few minutes ago

the job is similar my major. i am a budgeting and programme – the job is related to my major/what I studied. I am a budgeting and project programmer/I specialise in budgeting and project programming 

no. i have no time to do the homework these days – no, I have no time to do homework these days 

this is the truth in these days – this is the truth these days 

sure,you can try it. and little advice is if you send the mask no more than 100 masks once time – Sure, you can try it. A word of advice: do not send more than 100 masks at a time 

hope the world become healthy quickly – hope the world gets better quickly/hope things change for the better  

i hope new job go well in the next few months – I hope my new job will go well in the next few months/I hope I will get settled at my new job in the next few months