Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


“Book/Film title” – use quotation marks when referring to books or films

all-time: more than everything else

eg. This is my all-time favourite film.

eg. The price of petrol has hit an all-time low.

fulfilled: feeling happy from having everything you want out of life/ feeling that your skills are being fully used

eg. She feels more fulfilled with her life after moving to a smaller town.

eg. Jane is looking for a more fulfilling job.

depict: show in a picture or story

eg. In the book, he depicts his troubled childhood.

eg. In the film, she’s depicted as a very heartless and abusive person.


<the Sahara desert> is one of my favorite books in my life .the book that was written by a Taiwanese writer SanMao. The book was written by her normal life with her husband and local people in North Africa. From<the Sahara desert>I can learn from SanMao enjoyed the freedom life without restriction. She doesn’t mind any opinions from other people in Current social values. I can feel the words in her book that she reflected her happiness with their simple and busy life.
With the development of society nowadays, more and more people can’t choose simple life and meaningful values. People always living behind masks.


“The Sahara Desert” is one of my favorite books/one of my all-time favourite books in my life . The book was written by a Taiwanese writer/author, SanMao. It is about/depicts her normal life with her husband and the locals in North Africa. From “The Sahara Desert”, I learnt from SanMao that you can enjoy the freedom of life without restriction. She doesn’t care about other people’s opinions on her social status/what others think about her lifestyle. I can feel that the words in her book reflect on her happiness living a simple and fulfilling life.

Nowadays, with the development of society, more and more people can’t choose to live/lead a simple life and embrace meaningful values. People are always hiding behind masks.