Online Class Notes (Li)[S]


Make 3 sentences each using “most” and “most of”.


plot: the story of a book, film, play etc. 情节

eg. The movie’s plot is too confusing.

eg. The plot of his books follows the same pattern.

main character/protagonist: one of the main stars in a tv show or play 主角

eg. The protagonist died at the end of the story.

eg. Everyone watched the drama because the main character is very famous.

get together: when two people agree to date or to enter a relationship 在一起

eg. Tom and Amy told everyone that they got together 3 weeks ago.

theme: the main subject of a book, film, painting etc. 主题

eg. Her novels are well written because she included many themes in the plot.

eg. The movies she produces all have the same theme.

mental health problem/disorder: having a problem in the mind 精神状态

eg. She has a mental health disorder.

eg. People should treat mental health problems with equal importance as physical health problems.

true events: actually happened

centimetres (cm): 厘米,公分

eg. 70cm x (by) 70cm

draw/make/create a draft

grey: 灰色


most  (general) vs. most of (specific)

most people/girls/children/cars  – when you are talking about general ideas 

most of the cakes in this shop/most of the children in this kindergarten  –  refers to a particular group in this area  (specific) 

at the end – in the end


I just remember one thing in this tv show, the soldier likes that girl, that girl has a boyfriend. That soldier hurt her boyfriend. At the end the girl together with that soldier but the soldier is possessive and he hurt that girl and that girl’s mother, in the end that girl was something wrong with her brain. In the special years, in China. 


I just remember one thing/part of the plot in this tv show; the soldier likes the main character/female protagonist, but she has a boyfriend. So, that soldier hurt her boyfriend. In the end, the girl gets together with that soldier but the soldier is possessive and he hurt her and her mother. At the end of the story, that girl becomes crazy/insane. In the special years, in China.

After watching this I need time to relax. At the end, this girl got together with her boyfriend but she also has something wrong with her brain. The boyfriend wait for her so this is a good end. I think most of modern stories have these experiences inside, but this story is based on real life, maybe the real life is worse than this story.


After watching this, I needed time to relax/a break. In the end, this girl gets together with her boyfriend but she also has a mental health problem/disorder. Her boyfriend finds her and takes care of her so I think this is a good ending. I think most modern stories have these storylines/plots, but this story is based on true events so the actual events might be worse than this story.