Online Class Notes (Li)[S]


mean: not nice

eg. The dog at the park was very mean to me.

eg. My sister is very mean.

friendly: kind/nice

eg. My dog is very friendly to my friends.

eg. Tom is always friendly to his classmates.


wardrobe: a tall box for you to put your clothes 衣柜

tidy/clean up: to make a place clean 整理;收拾

eg. My mum helps me to clean up my room.

eg. I am learning how to tidy my room.

mirror: 镜子

eg. bathroom mirror

brush teeth: 刷牙

eg. I brush my teeth in the bathroom.

wash dishes/do the dishes – 洗碗

eg. Clark can help to wash dishes after eating.

eg. Can you do the dishes after breakfast?

dishes: plates, bowls, spoons, chopsticks 盘子

eg. I help my mother to wash the dishes after dinner.

tasty: 好吃

eg. I like rice because it is tasty.


The dog is small and friendly. It is brown. It has long legs. My house is very tall and big. My room is big. I have a bed, a table and a wardrobe. It’s blue and white. My mum cleans up my room. The bathroom has water and a mirror. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my hands and my face. I can cook in the kitchen and to wash a bowl.