Online Class Notes (Li)[R]

Today we focused on:



glutinous – sticky

eg. glutinous rice/tapioca pearls

skewers – a pointy piece of stick that is used to hold meat in place.

grill – a metal piece of frame that is used to cook food over hot coals

grilled (v) – a way to cook food

congregate – to come together in a group

eg. Students will congregate at the dining hall during lunch time.

depots – a place where goods are stored/ a warehouse

toiletries – things (such as shampoos, shower gel, lotion etc.)


in the kindergarten – at kindergarten

the good side – the positive aspect/the advantage of/the pros of


committee – co-mitt-tee

depots – deh-pohs

predictably – puri-dicta-blee

remedy – reh-medy

skewers – skeu-wers