Online VIP Class Notes (Li)[R/W]


demand: a need for something 需要,要求

eg. There is a demand for face masks right now.

eg. Good teachers are always in great demand.

keen: wanting to do something very much

eg. She is keen to lend a hand.

eg. They were very keen to start work as soon as possible.

cash in on sth: to make money on something

eg. They are keen to cash in on the recent demand for masks.

eg. It’s too late to cash in on bike-sharing.

peer: same age/social status as you

eg. I seek my peers for help when I have encountered problems.

peer support: help from your friends/colleagues etc.

eg. You should go to your classmates for peer support.

exclude: to not include 不包括;把…排斥在外

eg. Tom has been excluded from school.

eg. The prices exclude local taxes.

eg. We can’t exclude the possibility that he is dead.


We know it’s good to learn another language. It opens doors, makes you more employable, helps you make new friends, and it’s fun too. But to improve our linguistic skills, many of us have to endure hours of school lessons or evening classes, with our heads buried in textbooks. It’s no wonder then that technology appears to be providing a better and more accessible way of learning.

There is certainly a huge demand for language learning, and having a smartphone means you can have a virtual teacher with you wherever you go. Many app developers are keen to cash in on the demand, and there are numerous learning apps available – including our own, free, BBC Learning English app! One of many popular apps, Duolingo, offers 91 courses in 30 languages and has more than 300 million users.


accessible – ack-ses-sible

Writing exercise

plagiarism: copy someone else’s work without permission 抄袭; 剽窃; 剽窃作品;

plagiarism is not allowed.

regroup/rejuvenate: 重新准备出发,重新使得年轻有活力

I quit my previous job and spent half a year to rejuvenate myself.


His accent sounds hillbilly.

We should not overlook our situation.

uproot:将…连根拔起; (使)离开家园(或熟悉的地方等) ;
Moving to another country is like being uprooted.

I consider Jack as a reserved person.

outside-the-box: not common, not obeying the rules
Boys are usually more creative than girls and they always think outside-the-box.

in someone’s shoes: 从他的角度考虑问题
Your son will be very happy if you can think in his shoes.