Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


rise: 升起

eg. I wake up when the sun rises.

important: 重要的

eg. Today is a very important day.

news: 新闻

special occasion: 特别的场合

eg. Everyone gets to go on holiday on this special occasion.

Enjoy your day off: 好好享受你的假日

farmer: 农夫

breakfast: 早餐

eg. What are we having for breakfast?


eg. There are four seasons every year.


eg. I dropped my pen on the floor.


The sun was about to rise on Farmer Tim’s farm. Chester Chicken woke up the cows with his important news.

“The chickens are taking a holiday today,” Chester Chicken said.

“Is that so?” said Daisy the cow. “What is the special occasion?”

“We worked too hard this week,” Chester said.

“You did?” asked Daisy.

“Yes! We laid ten eggs this week,” Chester said, “and there are only five of us.”

Daisy smiled and nodded her head. Ten was a lot of eggs for five chickens.

“Enjoy your day off,” she said.