Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


What do you want to do when you’re old? Do you have a bucket list?


saliva: liquid produced in your mouth

butler: 管家

forefathers: someone’s relatives who lived a long time ago 祖先

R&R: rest and relaxation

rejuvenate: to make someone look or feel young and energetic again

eg. She went on holiday to rejuvenate after a year’s worth of hard work.


work at home – work from home 

doctors also claims don’t eat outside – doctors also suggested to not eat outside


Everyone loves a holiday! A little time off for some much-needed R & R can be exactly the thing to rejuvenate and refresh. That said, if you’re struggling to think of your next destination then look no further. Don’t waste time debating, let your blood decide.

Everybody has a lineage. Recently, finding out more about our family origins has become popular. By the start of 2019, 26 million people had taken an ancestry DNA test at home, according to a report by MIT Technology Review. They believe by 2021 this number will have risen to 100 million.

This trend has been noticed by opportunistic travel operators. Some are looking to provide a service that both allows people to trace their heritage – by literally going back to their roots – and travel to the destinations where their ancestors originated from.

Airbnb, an online lodging marketplace, recently partnered with 23andMe, a DNA testing and analysis company, to offer recommendations that encourage travellers to walk in the footsteps of their forefathers. And they aren’t the only ones.


ancestry – an-sest-tree

lodging – lawd-gging