Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


work overtime/OT

website: 网址

eg. You can find out more information by visiting this website.

feedback: comments/suggestions about something 反馈意见

eg. Many customers left negative feedback after dining at the restaurant.

look at/search for/read reviews

alternatively: another option 要不,或者

eg. You could catch the 18.30 train – alternatively, you could wait for the 19.50 fast train.

source: the place where it comes from/the cause of something 来源,根源

eg. Oranges are a good source of vitamin C.


have a little busy – I have been a little/bit busy

it’s have a little expensive – it’s a little expensive 

I don’t sure – I’m not sure 


Apple has removed all customer reviews from some of its online stores. Reviews are a useful way for customers to leave feedback for people about Apple’s products. The reviews section on the Apple Store began disappearing last week. Apple has removed the “Ratings and Reviews” section from stores worldwide, including in the US, UK and Australia. Anyone in those countries wanting to find reviews on Apple products will have to visit other websites. Apple has not yet commented on the removal of the ratings and reviews section, so nobody knows why it has done this.

The website said the removal could be a mistake. It also said the removal could be a new Apple policy. It said: “Apple has decided its online store is better without customer feedback….Alternatively, the customer feedback system is being overhauled.” PC Mag said Apple used to allow all kinds of comments, including very negative reviews in the past. It added: “We’re…heading into the busiest shopping period of the year, and Apple online store customers have lost an important source of information when deciding what to buy.”