Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


Write about your holiday in India.


Is that clear?/Do you understand?

aroma: a strong pleasant smell, from either food or drinks 香味,香气,芳香

eg. I love the aroma of freshly baked bread.

eg. That candle has a rich, woody aroma.

souvenirs: something you buy to keep to help you remember a holiday or special event

stall: a small shop with an open front

eg. He runs a fruit and vegetable stall in the market.

eg. The stall sells plenty of snacks.

squeeze: to get in, through or under sth or sb 挤进,挤过

eg. She squeezed through the crowd and found a seat at the front.

eg. Ryan squeezed under the fence to get into the park.

Indian – people/nationality

fry: to cook with hot oil 油炸;油煎

eg. Fry the mushrooms in butter.

antiques: something made in the past that is considered valuable 古董

eg. Rich men enjoy collecting antiques.


The market is located near the city’s main bus station so people come from all over the country to buy and sell goods. Moreover, it is also near a sky train station and a subway station which makes it very convenient for city people, especially young people who don’t have cars. The market is very large and full of hundreds of small shops and stalls. Consequently, it can be confusing to get around. However, if you get lost, it is a good idea to look for the clock tower which is right in the middle of the market. It will help you Find your way.

When I walk into the market early on a Sunday morning there are people and cars and motorcycles everywhere. You have to be careful where you walk. Many people are bringing their goods to sell in big bags on carts and trolleys. In fact, you might even have to jump out of the sellers’ way as they charge along the narrow walkways with their goods. In addition to the sellers, tourists and locals are pouring in looking for something to eat or ready to start shopping. As time goes by, the market gets more and more crowded and you have to start squeezing past people to keep moving.