Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


get used to sth or sb: to become familiar with something or someone 习惯…

eg. My classmates and I have gotten used to having classes online at home.

eg. I can’t get used to waking up early.

home alone: being at home by yourself

eg. Are you home alone?

eg. I’m home alone on weekdays.

the night before/previous night/yesterday night

cheat: to behave in a dishonest way in order to get what they want 作弊

eg. He failed the exam because he cheated.

eg. The winner has been disqualified for cheating.

disqualify: stop someone from being in a competition because they did something wrong 取消…的资格

eg. Some athletes were disqualified from last year’s winter sports games.

referee: the judge in a sports game

eg. The referee showed him a red card because he kicked another player.

red card: shown by the referee to mean you are not allowed to continue playing

yellow card: shown by the referee as a warning

take part/join/participate

fair: done according to the rules

eg. It was a fair game.

handball: use your hand to touch the ball

eg. The other team got a freekick because one of the other team’s member did a handball.

putting it on: pretending to be hurt, angry etc.

eg. He’s not really nice, he’s only putting it on for everyone to see.

get away with smth: successfully avoid getting punished 做(坏事)而未被发觉

eg. Everyone thinks he’s guilty of the robbery, but it looks like he’s going to get away with it.

scandal: reports about actions or events that cause shock and disapproval 丑闻

eg. Some magazines contain nothing but scandal and gossip.

eg. That celebrity has been involved in a lot of scandals.

a good sport: someone who can accept a loss in a competition

eg. Thankfully, they were good sports despite losing the game.


they will cook the lunch the last night – they will cook my lunch the night before 

I just heat the lunch – I just reheat the lunch

the player hurt each other in the game – players hurt/injure each other in the game

they don’t let the player who is cheating play the game for a short time – the referee won’t allow the player to continue playing for some time/the player is disqualified  


There are three international sports tournaments taking place: the start of the Tour de France, the middle of Wimbledon and the end of the World Cup. So that’s good news for cycling, tennis and football fans, isn’t it? It’s great that there are athletes from all over the world taking part in such exciting tournaments, isn’t it?

I’m a great sports fan but I’m very unhappy. Why? This is because, for me, sport is no longer a fair game. The simple fact is many athletes cheat and I hate that. Of course, they don’t all cheat, and they don’t all cheat the same way. But many do and I think that spoils the competitions.