Online Class Notes (Li)[R]


stationary bike/exercise bike: 健身车

the weather is comfortable/the weather feels good

resemble: looks like someone or something 像

eg. You resemble your mother very closely.

eg. The finished model should resemble the drawing.

It’s a fake – 假的

jet skis: 水上摩托车

surfers: 冲浪人

palm/palm trees: 棕榈树

bungalow: 平房

clinic: 诊所

cable car: 缆车

I made a mistake – 我错了

turn up: 突然出现

eg. Don’t worry about it – something will turn up, you’ll see.

sandcastles: 沙滩城堡


now is the time for sunset – It’s almost sunset/ the sun is almost setting 

built by glass – made of glass

the red roof very like – the red roofs look like/resemble

I’m afraid of go to – I’m afraid of going to 

in usual – usually/normally 

the last time we go to Thailand – the last time we went to Thailand


Coconut Island is a beautiful, tropical island with, of course, coconut palms, golden beaches and clear blue sea. I’m sorry, I made a mistake there. Coconut Island was a beautiful island. There are still coconut palms, golden beaches and clear blue sea but not like before. So, what happened?

Well, the beach is full of people, sunbeds and umbrellas. The sea is full of speedboats, noisy jets skis and surfers. There are fewer
palm trees because there are more and more buildings. Hotels, holiday resorts, guest houses, restaurants, swimming pools… you name it, Coconut Island has it. Paradise is no longer here, but the Paradise Hotel is.


clinic – clee-nick