Online Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


find a photo, and tell me what is happening. Write 5-10 sentences.


My mother is riding her bicycle in the park. My parents having dinner in the dining room. My son is swimming at the beach. My daughter is washing her car in front of our house. My wife is planting flowers in the yard. My husband is sleeping on the sofa in our living room.

My sister and brother are baking a cake in the kitchen.  My grandmother and grandfather are crying at my wedding. My aunt and uncle are standing in front of the White House in Washington, DC.  My cousin is skateboarding in front of his apartment building.

My niece is acting in a play at school. My nephew is sitting on his bed and playing guitar in his bedroom. My friend is playing a game on his computer in his apartment. My friends are singing and dancing at my birthday party.

This is a photograph and my sister and me. My sister’s name is Amanda. We’re in the park. Amanda is feeding the birds and I’m sitting on a bench and listeing to music.


My mother is eating in the kitchen. My parents are walking in the park. My son is studying in the class. My daughter is picking flowers at the park. My wife is washing my clothes in the washroom.