Online Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Today we focused on:

we did a scenario practice at the bar




can you speak slower?= 你能说的慢一点
I can’t understand, I need to translate it= 我不是很懂,我要翻译一下


Is this seat taken? > Can I sit here? 这个座位有人吗
Can I buy you a drink> what would you like to drink? 我能请你喝一杯吗
what kinds of beer do you have?> what kinds of wine do you have?  你们这里有什么啤酒
I’ll have a beer> Give me a draft > I’ll have a glass of beer> I’d like a jug of beer. 我想来瓶啤酒
I’ll take some champagne> Please give me whisky> I’d like a whisky with (soda/ice) 我想来点香槟
I’d like a glass of wine. 我想要杯葡萄酒
Make it a cold one 我要冰的
Give me another one> I’ll have another one of the same.  再给我一杯一样的
I’d like to propose a toast> let’s do a toast =我想敬酒
would you like more= how about a refill 再来一杯怎么样?

I’m drunk> I’m a little drunk = 我喝醉了
I’m dizzy > I’m a little dizzy=  我有点晕

have you decided? > 你决定好了吗

This is a great bar, it’s really hopping. Yes this was a great hopping. Yes this was a great idea to come here. I’m glad we came out tonight. Where would you like to sit? By the window. Ah, great minds think alike. How are you tonight? what can I get you to drink? Please give me a few minutes. Certainly, I’ll be back to take your oder. Alice, what do you want? Just a glass of juice, please. Have you decided? Yes I’ll have a beer and my friend will have an orange juice. I’ll be right back with those.