Online Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1. take a picture/ take a photo= 拍照
ex: I am taking a picture of you. 
ex: I am taking a picture of Judy.
ex: Judy is taking a picture of me.
ex: I am taking a picture of him.


What is she doing?
what is he doing?

what are we doing?
what are they doing?

你要去哪里?where are you going?
我们要去哪里?Where are we going?
他们要去哪里? Where are they going?

are you taking a picture of me?
No, I’m taking a picture of him/ of them/ of us.


It’s late at night. Arthur is sitting on his bed, and he’s looking at his clock., His neighbours are making a lot of noise and Arthur is very angry.

The people in apartment 2 are dancing. The man in apartment 3 is vacuuming his rug. The woman in apartment 4 is playing the drums. The teenagers in apartment 5 are listening to loud music. The dog in apartment 6 is barking and the people in apartment 7 are having a big argument.

It’s very late, and Arthur is tired and angry. What a terrible night!