Online Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


1.bleach (verb)=漂色
ex: I bleached my hair today.

2. team building= 团建
ex: We have a team building in SuZhou next week.

3. fries= 🍟
ex: I don’t like to eat fries anymore because it’s too fattening.

4. processed food= 加工食品
ex: sausages, cans are processed food. 

5. trans fat= 反式脂肪
ex: Trans fat is very bad for your body.

6. cholesterol= 胆固醇
ex: Some people cannot eat too much seafood because they need to control their cholesterol level.

7. obesity= 肥胖症
obese (adj)= 肥胖(病)
ex: Obesity is a big problem in America because people eat very unhealthy food.
ex: 40% of the people in Texas are obese.

8. diet (noun)= 饮食 (die yet)
ex: You have a healthy diet, you don’t eat fast food.
ex: Lily has a healthy diet, she doesn’t eat sweet food.

9. go on a diet= 减肥
ex: I need to go on a diet because I’m looking for a new boyfriend.

10. stroke= 中风
ex: Most old people will have a stroke.

11. prefer (verb)= 更喜欢
ex: Do you want sushi or noodles? I prefer noodles over sushi.
ex: I prefer man who likes to work out.

12. preference (noun)= 喜好
ex: Everyone has different preferences for men. Some people like fat ones, some people like skinny ones.
ex: We have different preferences for food.

13. junk food= 垃圾食品
ex: there are many kinds of junk food like Mcd, KFC, chips, cookies.

14. raise (verb)= go up 提升
ex: I want a salary raise but I don’t want to talk to my boss.

15. build up= 积累
ex: you learned English for half a year and built up many English vocabularies
ex: you can build up your confident by talking to foreigners.

16. block (verb) = 屏蔽 堵塞
block (noun)= 街区
ex: There is a road block 路障🚧, I will be 5 mins late.
ex: My sister’s ex blocked me because I refused to watch a movie with him.
ex: I live two blocks away from you.


Today I dye my hair, my root is too long, I want to change my hair color. When I bleach my hair, my hair color is yellow. It’s so ugly, I have to change my new color.


Today I dyed my hair, my roots are too long, I want to change my hair color. When I bleached my hair, my hair color was yellow. It’s so ugly, I have to change a new color.


Does your mouth water when you think of cookies, donuts, burgers and French fries? Many people prefer junk food like this to healthy food because they develop a taste for it. Processed, baked, and fried foods often contain a high amount of trans fats.

Trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol that your body needs. Fatty foods do more than cause obesity. Trans fats build up in the body and block blood flow to the heart. People whose diet contains a high percentage of trans fats are at risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke.