Online Class Notes (Lily)


1. polygamy= plural marriages
ex: The Mormons population believe in polygamy.

2. ponder (verb)= 沉思
ex: I ponder on the theme of sexual discrimination.


The fact that the Utah state has always been one of the places in United States where the polygamy in Utah is still alive is a very well known fact in United States and thanks to that there were a few series that are exploiting that thing. For example there is “Big Love” a series featured on HBO, where the main characters are part of a polygamous family from Utah, living in the first decade of the 21st century. One thing that people find very appealing about this series is the fact that it is able to explore the complex problems that are coming up in a polygamy family in Utah and this means all the legal, moral and religious issues that might occur in a polygamy family are going to be presented.