Online Class Notes (Lily)


1.sober= 清醒的
ex: I was sober last night so I drove home.

2. on the spot= 当下
ex: maybe you won’t remember the word on the spot.
ex: I can’t remember his name on the spot.

3. positive energy= 正能量
ex: he has lots of positive energy.

4. vibe= 气氛 氛围
ex: this restaurant has a good vibe.

5. polygamy= 一夫多妻
ex: Utah is a polygamist community.
ex: Polygamy is about to be legalized in Utah.

6. pass out= 断片
ex: he passed out at the bar.

7. jerk =没品的人 烂人 混蛋
ex: he is such a jerk .