Online Class Notes (Lily)


i have little anxious–> I was a little anxious


1. go on a diet= 减肥
ex: my dog needs to go on a diet.

2. vet= animal doctor
ex: the vet suggests that my dog needs to control his weight.

3. drag= 拖出来 拉出来
ex: I have to drag her out of her house.
ex: don’t drag me out of the bed.

4. questionnaire=问卷
ex: we had to do a questionnaire for the kindergarten interview.

5. in person=本人
ex: i want to meet you in person.

6. abroad= 出国
ex: has he studied abroad?
ex: he has worked abroad for two years in London.

7. accent= 口音
ex: does he have the british accent?
ex: I think the british accent is really sexy.