Online Class Notes (Lily)


1.wanna= want to
ex: I wanna eat pizza.
ex: I wanna go to Japan with you,
ex: I wanna sleep early today.

2.gonna= going to
ex: I’m gonna go to Japan tomorrow.
ex: I don’t know what i’m gonna do.
ex: I’m gonna help her first.

3. snowboard= 单板
go snowboarding= 滑单板
ex: Lots of people prefer snowboarding over skiing, because it’s easier.

4. ski= 双板
go skiing = 滑双板
ex: Lily prefers skiing because it looks cooler.

5. full (adj)= 充满了
ex: I am full= 我吃饱了
ex: my luggage is full = 我的行李箱满了

6. luggage= 行李箱
ex: You can bring two luggages with you.

7. carry-on luggage= 随身(携带)行李
ex: I never have any carry-on luggages.

8. check (verb)= 托运
ex: I will be checking two bags.

9. practice makes perfect =熟能生巧
ex: You should practice speaking more, practice makes perfect. 

10. wine= 酒
red wine= 红酒 🍷
white wine= 白葡萄酒
ex: I like to drink white wine when I have seafood.

11. liquor (li ker) = 烈酒
ex: Chinese people like to drink liquor.

12. incubation period= 潜伏期
ex: There is an incubation period of 14 days.

13. practical = 实用的
ex: This book is very practical, you can learn a lot from it.

14. Lantern festival = 元宵节
ex: You can enjoy beautiful lanterns on Lantern festival.